To foster community spirit, to become better acquainted with our neighbours, to carry out special projects and to save some operating expenses by contributing volunteer time to the Corporation, the Board welcomes and supports the formation of Committees.  If you would like to participate in an existing Committee, revive an inactive Committee, or form a new one, please contact the Board.

The following Committees exist or were established in the past:

I. Gardening Committee

The York Street and courtyard planters and garden beds are maintained by the Gardening Committee, which is comprised of York Plaza owners.  Two Owners – Kevin and Michel – originated this Committee and beautifully designed, expertly executed and tirelessly maintained the landscaping for York Plaza from the time the property was built until the spring of 2011.  The committee is always looking for volunteers who can assist, for example, with spring planting, fall winterization, occasional weeding and removing litter from the gardens. 

  1. 1.Exercise Room Committee 

This committee is looking for volunteers. The Board sets aside funds for the purchase of new equipment to ensure the exercise room is adequately equipped for optimal use.  The Committee recommends to the Board new equipment to be purchased.

III. Parking Committee 

The Corporation does not have any parking spots for sale or for rent.  Owners not requiring their parking spots can contact Michel Gallant at 613.298.9797 or He will assist these owners by putting them in touch with another owner/tenant looking to rent one. Parking spots must not be rented to non-residents

IV. Communications Committee

This committee, newly formed in 2011, is looking for volunteers to help with the preparation of newsletters and other communication notices to owners and tenants.

V. Security Committee

This committee is looking for volunteers to help improve the Corporation’s overall security including the creation of an awareness program.

VI. Social Committee 

This committee is currently inactive and looking for volunteers.