Common Room Rental


Below are the details for renting the common room:

FEE: $100.00 (refundable) – Cleaning and Damage Deposit. (Payable to: OCSCC 700)

I wish to rent the Party Room at OCSCC 700, 134 York Street and agree to pay Security Deposit of One-Hundred Dollars ($100.00) to cover any possible damages. Cheque or money order is to be sent to Management at the above noted address before the date of rental.

It is agreed that I assume all risks involving the use of this facility and I will not hold OCSCC 700 or Management responsible for any damages, losses or injuries that may occur to me and/or my guests during the use of his facility. If no damage occurs, then it is understood that this amount will be refunded in full. If damages exceed this amount, then additional charges will be levied against me (in the same manner as the charges for common fees) and I agree to pay all such charges.

I agree to return the Meeting Room to its initial state and cleanliness. If the room is left unsanitary,

then I will be responsible for the cost to clean the Meeting Room.

I agree the party room is to be vacated by 1:00 A.M. and that guests to the party will be supervised. I also agree that if a disturbance is caused to other within the complex that I will abide by the request of Management to reduce such noise to a level as not to cause disturbance to others.

All liquor permits, etc. are to be procured by myself and a copy is to be provided to Management prior to the party.

Download Rental Agreement Form