Parking Information   


Visitor Parking

Located as follows:

  1. 3 parking spots in courtyard

  2. 3 parking spots in the lowest level of the underground parking

  3. Visitor parking use is limited to 3 days per 7 day period

All visitors must register their vehicles. Vehicles can be registered as follows:


Smartphone: Scan the QR Code on the parking signs

Phone: 613-820-3657

Unique site code: 02v2015

Owners Parking Spot Rentals:

The Corporation does not have any parking spots available for sale or for rent.

The Declaration prohibits the Owner of a Parking Unit or Storage Unit from selling or leasing these units, except to the Corporation or to an owner of a Residential Unit (Article 3.4).  Therefore, Owners are not allowed to privately rent their Parking or Storage Units to non-residents.  The duration, cost and payment of the lease will be negotiated privately by the parties matched by the Corporation. Owners of Storage Units who want to lease them and residents who want to rent such units should contact the Property Manager.