Renting Your Unit   


Leasing Information As Per The York Plaza Handbook and Rulebook

“Residential Unit Rentals

20. Non-resident Owners who lease their units to tenants are required to do so in compliance with the Condominium Act (see s. 83), as well as the Declaration (see Article III), the By-laws and Rules of the Corporation (see Rule R-9).

All leases for the Condominium must be residential in nature and abide by the spirit and letter of the Declaration. The minimum amount of time allowed for a lease, including sub leases, is set at four (4) months. Any shorter lease would be considered a short-term stay and would violate the Declaration and rules of the corporation.

21. Parking Unit or Storage Unit Rentals

The Declaration prohibits the Owner of a Parking Unit or Storage Unit from selling or leasing these units, except to the Corporation or to an owner of a Residential Unit (Article 3.4). Therefore, Owners are not allowed to privately rent their Parking or Storage Units to non-residents. The duration, cost and payment of the lease will be negotiated privately by the parties matched by the Corporation. Owners of Storage Units who want to lease them and residents who want to rent such units should contact the Property Manager. “

As Per York Plaza Rulebook


Section 83 of the Condominium Act, 1998 requires that the owner of a unit who leases the unit must provide the Corporation with the lessee’s name and a copy the lease, and provide the lessee with a copy of the Declaration, By-Laws and Rules of the Corporation within 30 days of entering into the lease or renewal, as the case may be.

Owners leasing their units will be charged the Move In fee, as described in Rule R5, for each new tenant that moves into a unit in the building.

Owners leasing their units shall obtain from the tenant(s) the form attached as Schedule A and file an executed copy with the Board prior to the date the tenant(s) takes possession of the Unit. Owners shall file with the Board either a copy of any lease of any unit together with a copy of each renewal or termination of same or a summary of the terms on the form required by the Condominium Act, 1998, a copy of which is attached as Schedule B.

Owners shall ensure that their tenants comply with the provisions governing the use and occupation of dwelling units and the use of the common elements as set forth in the Declaration and the Rules. The owner of a unit shall be held personally responsible for its tenant’s violations of the Rules, and all actions of the occupants of the Unit, including liability for costs associated with the negligent actions of its tenants and/or occupants. In the event that legal action is commenced in order to enforce the Act, the Declaration and the Rules, the owner shall be responsible for the costs of such legal enforcement.”


Tenants Letter Of Undertaking

Form 5